Thu Feb 11 22:07:56 PST 2016
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DUI charge will not be filed against Houston County commissioner
Ken Curtis

A Houston County commissioner suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol will not be charged. Dothan Police Captain Todd David said no blood sample was taken from Doug Sinquefield when he was treated for injuries. Sinquefield’s car left the roadway January 23 and overturned. The investigating officer listed DUI as a contributing factor, according to police. Sinquefield was transported to Southeast Alabama Medical Center where he was hospitalized overnight. The commissioner later told WTVY/WRGX that his car was forced from Prevatt Road by another car that failed to stop afterwards. Sinquefield denied he had been drinking alcoholic beverages. David said police obtained a subpoena seeking Sinquefield''s medical records but the hospital said a blood sample wasn't obtained. David said he is not sure why blood wasn’t drawn from Sinquefield. Medical personnel without knowledge of Sinquefield’s case say it’s generally routine procedure in such cases to take a blood sample.

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