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Man accused of breaking into home with showering woman arrested
Ken Curtis

A Dothan man was arrested Friday on multiple charges including breaking into a home where a woman was showering. Dale County Chief Deputy Mason Bynum said Josef Wilhelm Jahn III was taken into custody at a Ross Clark restaurant where he was employed. Jahn is believed to have unlawfully entered the home Thursday evening along Dale County Road 73. When Jahn realized the home was occupied he left, Bynum theorizes. This isn’t Jahn’s first brush with the law. Court records show, last year, he was sentenced to five years’ probation for stealing copper from refrigeration and air conditioning units at three Dothan supermarkets. A 30-month prison term was suspended. Police say the thefts resulted in damages totaling at least $54,000. Bynum said Jahn will be charged with Burglary 2nd Degree in Dale County. Meanwhile, initial reports are that Jahn has outstanding warrants with other law enforcement agencies but that could not be immediately confirmed.

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