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Memorial Day Travel
Toneshia Watkins

With the school year coming to an end, most people are ready to fill up their tanks and hit the road for Memorial Day Weekend. "All four official Florida Welcome Centers are ready to welcome them in," says Chastity Sheffield, the Assistant Manager at the Florida Welcome Center off Highway 231. Although short lived, I made the trip down to Florida to see what kind of traffic they're expecting for the holiday. "We're expecting approximately 5000 visitors Friday through Sunday," said Sheffield. According to Chastity Sheffield, the most popular weekend destinations will be Panama City, Destin, Pensacola and other cities located on the Panhandle. AAA predicts the number of people traveling this weekend will increase by 5.4% this year. The number of people travelling by car, will go up by 5.8%. "Right now going on about fourteen hours." Matt Davis is one of those drivers. He and his family are from Indiana. "Traveling to Panacea, Florida. We actually have a beach rental at Bold Point," said Davis. Doyce Camp is also making his way to the Sunshine State. "We're going to Panama City to go fishing in the Gulf," Camp said. So whether you are planning to stay home and cook on the grill Driving out to the coast to But where ever you're going...Remember to buckle up and drive safely.

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