Fri Oct 09 07:38:19 PDT 2015
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Dothan Church Fire Under Investigation
Kim Allen

Investigators from multiple agencies are probing an overnight church fire in Dothan that may be arson. The fire happened at Triumph Faithland Church in the 200 block of West Crawford Street, near the old Buffalo Rock Bottling Company. Michael Knight, an agent with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says, "We are eliminating other scenarios before ruling this an arson." Dothan Fire Battalion Chief Chris Etheredge says the fire is believed to be an arson. Knight says the damage was light and contained inside the building. A task force of fire marshals and Dothan Police criminal investigators are working with the ATF in the investigation. Knight says, "It is routine policy for the ATF to investigate church fires." He notes there have been several church fires in the southeast in recent months. It's believed the church has been located there since 1996.

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