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"Run, Hide, Fight" Presentation Encourages Schools to Make a Emergency Plan Before the Tragedy
Courtney Crown

OZARK -- During the annual Dale County Area School Counselor Meeting at Carroll High School on Friday, counselors from across Dale County and Fort Rucker gathered to exchange ideas regarding their students. During the all day conference, counselors heard from Troy University Police Chief John McCall about the importance of coming up with a safety plan before tragedy strikes. His presentation was called "Run, Hide, Fight." He spoke about the common traits of past school shootings, and gave examples for how to persevere after tragedy. "If something happens today, today is not the time to react," Chief McCall said. "We need to know what we're going to do before the event occurs." The counselors also heard from the Ozark-Dale County Family Service Center, the county probation officers and the Department of Human Resources. County probation officers spoke about the new Prevention Project Task Force. This program includes a team made up of school staff, Chief Juvenile Probation Officer, Dept. of Human Resources, District Court Judge, Dale County District Attorney's Office, and the BRIDGES, a counseling place. Their mission is to address students' concerns in a community's schools. They will also attempt to prevent at-risk behaviors such as truancy, academic progress and and emotional/behavioral concerns.

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