Tue Apr 28 00:04:28 PDT 2015
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Volunteers Open Feeding Stations in Dothan

What started as a trip for ice for Anna Bernard's home, turned into a volunteer opportunity. "My husband and I went to the fire station and got some ice and started passing it out in the neighborhood and in a few minutes, all our ice was gone." Seeing how many people needed assistance, they went back to to their church-Harbor Church, preparing meals. In less than a day, prayed Bernard and Volunteers gave out nearly 200 plates. "We have given out bags of food to take home, personal hygiene, flashlights." While volunteer efforts are at their church. The Salvation Army also opened a feeding station, feeding hundreds. I was without power for about 21 hours myself so its tough we just want to be her to give them so food and encourage them as well." Volunteers say its not the only time the community should come together, but the perfect time to let others know they aren't forgotten. "We just want to be here and do what we can for them."

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