Mon May 02 05:39:19 PDT 2016
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SYNOPSIS– Warm and muggy conditions from the weekend continue to open up the first full week of May. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will also be prevalent Monday and Tuesday but fairly big changes are on the way. Cool and dry air will arrive here later this week helping drop the humidity and rain chances.

TODAY –Partly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. High near 86°. Winds SW at 5-10 mph.
TONIGHT – Partly to mostly cloudy. Low near 67°. Winds Light WSW
TOMORROW – Partly sunny with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible throughout the day. High near 81°. Winds WSW at 5-10 mph.

WED: Mostly sunny. Low: 58° High: 78° 5%
THU: Sunny. Low: 56° High: 75°
FRI: Sunny. Low: 52° High: 77°
SAT: Sunny. Low: 55° High: 83°
SUN: Sunny. Low: 58° High: 87°

COASTAL FORECAST MONDAY – Smooth on Coastal Lakes and Bays. Winds S at 5-10 kts. Seas 2-3 feet.

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