Sun May 24 12:47:55 PDT 2015
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High pressure further to our north and east will promote a light easterly wind keeping our temperatures closer to average and conditions a little drier. Afternoon highs should reach the mid to upper 80s, with a little more humidity closer to the coast. Rain chances are slim and isolated mainly to the Panhandle.
A few more clouds filter in overnight keeping things slightly warmer than Friday overnight. Lows will only fall to the upper 60s at best. Winds: E 5-10 mph. Rain: 0%.
A muggier day is on tap as high pressure shifts further to the east, and a more southerly flow begins to take over, amping up the moisture content. More clouds will begin filtering in, but highs will once again rise closer to the 90 degree mark. Rain chances elevate slightly, though still mainly along the coastline. Winds: ESE 10 mph. Rain: 20%.
The drier and near-average temperatures become a thing of the past a more unsettled pattern comes into place on Memorial Day. PM rain chances will be up thanks to more moisture out of the Gulf and upper levels. Highs will hover around the upper 80s, with nearly 50% rain chances starting on Memorial Day through mid-week.

Along the Coast
Always check conditions before going into the water.
On Saturday - Perfect Day, Rain: 10%
Wind: E 15 kts Seas: 2-3 feet Bays: Moderate Chop
UV Index: 8 Water Temp: 82°

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